Flaxseed Oil

The Flaxseed oil is a virgin and natural oil derived from the ripe seeds of flax grown and cold pressed.Uses of flax seed oil derived from its high polyunsaturated fatty acids, particularly linolenic and linoleic acids.
The Flaxseed oil is used as a cosmetic product for:
- Face, in addition to massages and body treatments, it can be mixed with other vegetable or essential oils.
- Repairs and relieves dry skin and rebalance acne skin,
- dry hair
- Make hair more shiny.

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Available shapes
Bottle Shape Weight Height Diameter
60 ml plastic round 75g 12 cm 3 cm
125 ml plastic round 140g 15 cm 4 cm
50ml glass flattened 145g 13 cm ---
100 ml glass flattened 260g 17 cm ---
Botanical NameLinum usitatissimum
Process for obtainingFirst cold pressing
pressed partsseeds
Country of originMorocco
active ComponentsLinolenic, linoleic
UsesFace, body, hair
Quality100% natural and pure, first cold pressing,without any chemical treatment
Conditions of conservationStored in a dry place away from heat and light.
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