Shea Butter

Shea butter is extracted from the fruit of the shea tree, its fatty acid composition gives it
moisturizing and nourishing properties unusual. But it is especially in the fraction
unsaponifiable, the highest compared to other vegetable butters, to look for the compelling
activities that butter:
- stimulating healing, protecting against UV rays.
- Soothes and calms irritation.
- Lip care and hand Prevents sun allergies.
- Moisturizes and nourishes the skin in depth.
- Restores elasticity to the skin. Prolongs the tan.
- Restores shine to hair and beauty.
- Deeply nourishes the hair fiber.

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Botanical NameButyrospermum parkii
Process for obtainingExtraction of shea butter by the traditi
pressed partsnuts
Country of originIvory coast
active ComponentsVitellaria Paradoxically, fatty acids, Vitamins A,
UsesFace, body, hair
QualityButter 100% pure and natural
Conditions of conservationStored in a dry place away from heat and light.
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